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What’s the Speed Limit? 2017 Texas Lead-Foot Details

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Texas drivers have long known how to have a lead foot, and they’ve proven that to the tune of some fast speeding and high tickets in 2017, as reported by Chron.com.

In speaking with the Texas Department of Public Safety, the news asked about the fastest speeding tickets which were given in Texas from January 1, 2017, through to November 28, 2017. Over 230 ticket details were sent to the news service, and all of them were noted as being faster than 120 mph.

With the highest posted speed limit in the state of Texas being 80 mph, 120 is not only 40 miles over that, but also starts crossing over into the reckless driving category (listed as going faster than 20 mph over the given speed limit in which the ticket is issued.) But, with an alleged speed of 181 mph, the fastest Texas speeding ticket of 2017 still doesn’t come close to the 2016 offense, which was clocked at a speed of 206 mph.

A full gallery of the 20 fastest speeding tickets issued in the state of Texas is available on the My San Antonio website if you’re at all curious to see what our drivers have been getting up to this year. However, due to the fact that this information has been provided by a state agency, the tickets which were issued by county sheriff’s offices or city police departments aren’t included…and who knows what you’d learn from that!