Spellbinding ‘Always On My Mind’ Cover by Michael Bublé

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Often, when you hear a song cover, you think back to the original artist you first heard doing their rendition. Many have given their best to perform the song “Always on My Mind,” including Brenda Lee, Elvis Presley, and Willie Nelson. But Michael Bublé’s velvety voice lends a sound to this standard that certainly turns country into a form of classy yet unheard.

Never released on vinyl or CD by Bublé, this version is still considered quite popular by fans of the artist, and those that have listened to this rendition for the first time. He chose to sing it on an AOL Music Sessions performance sitting solo at center stage, with subtle accompaniment by his band.

His spellbinding singing glides smoothly through the song like a hot knife through butter, easing you into and through personal emotions brought up by the song with a gentle flow. The range of tones, his voice, and the feeling of which he gives the refrain all have a quality that relays the complexity of the song’s meaning. Maybe have a tissue handy. We’ll take this with a side of heartbreak, please.