Spider Burgers: Halloween Is a Blessing to Moms of Fussy Eaters

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Got a kid who’s a fussy eater? Then Halloween is the perfect time to get them in on some dishes they might not otherwise be fans of. Why? Because you can literally “spookify” their meals, knowing full-well they’re made the way you like them to be, and they’re none-the-wiser. If anything, they might even be keener to try what you’re cooking if it looks like you made it even “grosser” than usual! Case-in-point: Spider Burgers.

These aren’t in fact burgers at all, even though they look the part. And, thankfully, they aren’t made of spiders (but you most likely knew that already.) What they are is a cool food idea that you might have tried around the summer campfire at one point, but now you can simply cook them at home, on the stove, and gussy them up a little. Their wieners. Hot dogs, actually, but with a hamburger bun. Others once called them “Octodogs,” but for this argument, and for lack of having one with your kids, we’ll stick with Spider Burgers. Posted by Food Network Canada, the wieners are sliced lengthwise, to a point, and baked (healthier? Possibly…sure, why not!) They’re placed on a hamburger bone when cooked, and the guinea pig…’er kid, is given the condiments to dress it up any way they like (because remember, what they like to eat, you like to encourage, regardless of how weird it can get!)

Spider Burgers

Spider Burgers: Halloween is a Blessing to Moms of Fussy Eaters


Key ingredients for this recipe include:


Vegetable Oil

Hamburger Buns



Food Network Canada has all of the ingredients, amounts, directions, and spooooky serving stories (ok, not really spooky, but maybe just plain old serving stories…) for this recipe posted on their web link provided here. If your fussy little ones don’t first say, “Ew!” followed by a, “Hmmm,” and then a, “Well maybe…” we’d be surprised. The concept that Mom has made something disgusting for dinner may entice more than trying to convince them something truly delicious and wonderful really is good for them! We’ve all known some whacky and weird Texas spider stories – yours might simply be that you got your kids to eat these Spider Burgers.

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