Mouse No Match for Creepy Over-sized Spider

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It’s the time of year when all things creepy crawly have their knapsacks on their backs and are searching for the best place to hole up for the winter. So, you may have noticed an influx of pests into your home. And while the scorpions and spiders of the Texas Hill Country can bring on the heebie geebies, we should all take a moment to thank our lucky Lone Star that we don’t live in Austraila, where the huntsman spider chooses to bed down.

Recently, Jason Womal was getting ready to leave for work when a neighbor spotted him and asked him if he could spare a minute. Womal readily agreed and entered his neighbor’s house to witness a vision epic in its ability to generate spine-tingles. There before him a giant huntsman spider was dragging his dinner up the refrigerator back to his lair. What was unusual about this? Dinner happened to be a big, fat juicy mouse.

Like all technologically-advanced modern folk, Womal quickly whipped out his cell phone to chronicle the event. Should you wish to view the footage, check out this link at KVUE. In an update, Womal posted on his Facebook page that the spider is alive and well — the mouse, not so much. The beefed-up arachnid now sports the moniker Hermie and is reportedly opening his own extermination business.