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3 of the Spookiest Stops on a Haunted Texas Road Trip

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With any number of unexplained lights, stories of hearing voices, seeing ghostly soldiers and cowboys, Texas is loaded with haunted stops. From old hotels to warships, from spooky ghost towns to college dorms, if you’re into getting a good scare, a haunted Texas road trip can guide you to where all the ghouls hang out, putting a chill into your bones you’ll need a heating pad to get rid of. The Lone Star State has plenty of spooky stops to make you nervous, and here are just three.

1. The Driskill Hotel, Austin

3 of the Spookiest Stops on a Haunted Texas Road Trip

Photo: Facebook/The Paranormal Directory

We’ve been told that guests can catch the slight scent of phantom tobacco smoke at this stop on their haunted Texas road trip as the Driskill Hotel in Austin is said to be haunted by its founder, Colonel Jesse Driskell. Driskell was known to be a cigar-smoking cattle baron. Allegedly he favors haunting this landmark hotel, but he’s not the only one. An occasional grin is said to appear on a painting of a four-year-old girl who passed away after falling down the grand staircase.

2. Catfish Plantation, Waxahachie

3 of the Spookiest Stops on a Haunted Texas Road Trip

Photo: Facebook/Rob Wlodarski

Together with welcoming guests to try its tremendous fried catfish, Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie welcomes paranormal investigators. That’s because it’s known for having a haunted legacy. Chilling stories of broken clocks that chime, eerie voices, and glimpses of a ghostly bride speckle its past.

3. USS Lexington, Corpus Cristi

3 of the Spookiest Stops on a Haunted Texas Road Trip

Photo: Facebook/Andy Cripe

A museum which is open to the public, this now-decommissioned World War II aircraft carrier participated in several major battles, and guests claim to have heard a number of yet unexplained things. Disembodied voices, clanking tools, and cries graduating into screams are just the start. There are also reports of the ghostly appearance of a man in uniform walking its halls.