Spooky Stories of the Haunted Alamo

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Texas is home to a number of old and purportedly haunted places. This makes sense to those who believe in the paranormal, given the state’s long and sometimes bloody history. One famous Texas landmark, in particular, is home to a number of ghost stories and eerie legends: the Alamo. Read on to discover the haunted side of this important piece of Texas history.

The Alamo, located in present-day downtown San Antonio, may not look terribly foreboding to passers-by. However, many visitors have reported having a very different feeling upon entering the Alamo’s historic grounds. Stories of apparitions, disembodied voices, and face-to-face spiritual encounters abound at this sacred location.


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The Alamo’s first recorded tale of the supernatural sort is the story of the “six diablos”, tracing back to mere weeks after the infamous 1836 battle. Legend has it that shortly after the Mexican army’s attack on the Alamo, General Juan Jose de Andrade was under orders from General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna to see to it that all of the Alamo’s buildings were completely destroyed. Andrade sent Colonel Jose Juan Sanchez and his men to the site to see that the orders were fulfilled.

Upon arriving at the location, the soldiers found the chapel standing, and approached the building with the intent to tear it down. The men had not yet laid their hands on the sacred walls when six spectral monks wielding flaming swords were said to have materialized in front of their eyes. The men retreated, describing to General Andrade the six diablos (devils) that had met them at the Alamo. Frustrated, Andrade returned to the site himself to destroy the remaining buildings. The General and his men were met by the same “six diablos”, and given a fiery warning to stay away from the buildings!

Photo: pixabay.com

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