Spirits of Higher Learning: Spooky Tales Coming from Schreiner University in Kerrville

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There are several stories coming out of the Texas Hill Country, Kerr Country, and in particular, Kerrville itself, with respect to hauntings, spooky sights, and eerie spirits yet wandering this world. But none appear so active as those at the campus of Schreiner University.

Spirits of Higher Learning: The Spooky Tales Coming from Schreiner University in Kerrville

Photo: Facebook/Upward Bound at Trinity University

For a number of years now, residents of Delaney Hall, a dormitory at Schreiner University, have reported seeing a young military cadet, appearing in uniform, saluting, and then disappearing. Witnesses say he’s also been known to open doors for students. And he’s not the only one who is reported to have taken up residence there. Students also claim that the hall is haunted by eight former students! Rumors have grown over the years that the school suffered from a number of freak accidents occurring in the 1950s and ‘60s, resulting in fatalities. The living residents of Delaney Hall now claim to have experienced spooky sensations and random doors slamming, while construction workers from a 2014 renovation project have noted that their tools seemed to continue to disappear or get tampered with.

Spirits of Higher Learning: The Spooky Tales Coming from Schreiner University in Kerrville

Photo: Facebook/Deep Web Enigma

The deaths that occurred in the school’s earlier years are said to consist of a suicide, as well as a fall down some stairs resulting in a broken neck. Strange occurrences have gone on at the campus, including apparitions of children seen late at night, a security guard witnessing a light flickering on and off in Delaney Hall when it was confirmed by authorities to be empty, and students being awakened at night by their radios and TVs turning on or off by themselves. The building is also rumored to have a number of oddly cold spots throughout, suggesting some sort of paranormal presence.

Spirits of Higher Learning: The Spooky Tales Coming from Schreiner University in Kerrville

Photo: Facebook/Stafford Historical Society – Stafford CT

In addition to the spirits that haunt the hall, it’s also been noted that close to it, in between the building and a creek on the property, sit seven gravestones belonging to the Harris family who once resided on a farm there. Their stones are said to be flush to the earth and hard to find, yet many that go looking for them report that the air is unusually cooler near that portion of the Schreiner University campus, signifying again, the possibility of paranormal activity. Although many of these details have yet to be recorded on film in a moment of actually happening, the witnesses hold true to their accounts, having experienced these haunting moments first hand. Would you spend the night in Delaney Hall or on Schreiner University’s campus after knowing about its troublesome past? If there are in fact spirits present at the school, perhaps they’re simply trying to guide those that experience them towards a different path than the one they’re on. What’s your perspective?


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