Sports Illustrated Predicted an Astros World Series Win Years Ago

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Back in 2014, Sports Illustrated made a big prediction. KHOU writes that the magazine hypothesized that the Astros would win the 2017 World Series. It was seen as a lofty prediction at the time since the Astros were suffering from many losses, and the magazine said they realized it “…may sound crazy, but it’s not hopelessly optimistic.” They cited “…a series of innovative front-office hires and fostered a farm system now considered one of MLB’s very best…” as the reasoning behind their calculation. And according to, the author, Ben Reiter, stands by his claim that was deemed outlandish three years ago.

Now, Sports Illustrated has released a new slew of predictions from their writers. In a newly published article, three writers have stated that they think the Dodgers will take the World Series in seven games, and five predict that it will take six for the Dodgers to win. Only one writer, Reiter himself, stated that he thinks the Astros will win in game seven. “So instead of staggering out to LA an exhausted, banged up mess, as many Game 7 winners might have, the Astros and their aces will be fresh. That may limit the need for a bullpen that was exposed against the Yankees, and will allow the Astros to do as the prophecy foretold. The prophecy from 2014, not 2017, that is. The better prophecy,” he writes.

The World Series is underway, and Astros fans are hoping with all their might that the “better prophecy” comes to fruition!