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Spring Wine Selection: Let Your Taste Buds & Budget Make the Maneuvers

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Being from Texas doesn’t often give us the liberty of experiencing a parade of four distinct seasons. Sometimes we cruise right on past springtime and roll into summer temperatures. However the weather unfolds, one thing you can guarantee is the seasonal attributes and appetites will dictate the wines we’ll drink. That doesn’t have to mean you need to bow to the pressure of making a wine choice based on temperature or time of day. Any time is wine time, in my book. But springtime in particular means as much a renewal of my selections based on my mood as opposed to my food.

Although the season, as well as the growing number of couch-cushion oenophiles, will work to sway us towards rosés and delicate whites, a few powerful reds should still make an appearance in your spring wine repertoire. Why? Because in Texas, at any time of year, we love thick steaks. And those gorgeous and bold red wines that support them best will come in handy when a great barbecue is never more than a backyard grill away.

Spring Wine Selection: Let Your Taste Buds & Budget Make the Maneuvers
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Spring is often referred to as a transitional season for wines. That being said, consider weight, as opposed to color, as the critical factor in making your bottle selections. Not only that, but price point is also of some consequence. The intersection of price and quality will have its own specific crosshairs for you, but generally, a range of $20 to $30 per bottle is a good indicator. Clearly, it’s conceivable that you’ll discover a spring wine of great value at $10 a bottle, but those are rare, and the odds of finding that needle in a haystack could result in some serious hangovers that could be avoided at a slightly higher price (although some are willing to make that sacrifice!).

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