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Sprinkles Cupcakes in Austin: Now Even Sprinklier

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Tony Maples Photography


Maybe we are late to this party, but have you tried Sprinkles cupcakes yet?

Photo: Melissa Trevathan-Minnis

Since February, you can visit a brick and mortar store in the Domain in North Austin. This location is the first and only in Austin, and one of four in Texas. Before their national launch, you could only enjoy a Sprinkles cupcake in Beverly Hills.

Now with 22 locations, Candace Nelson has taken her idea for a cupcake bakery and made it the trend of the decade. Sprinkles was the original cupcake bakery. As we all know, many have since followed suit. But it’s nice to taste the original. They are clean, sweet, and wholesome. Not overly fancy but consistent.

We opted for a box of three minis to sample several flavors. Our personal favorite was the strawberry cupcake.

Photo: Melissa Trevathan-Minnis

Walking in and smelling the aromas of fresh-baked goods and seeing for ourselves the variety of treats was our choice, but you can also choose to access the cupcake ATM just outside the store.

Photo: Melissa Trevathan-Minnis

To partner wholesome with wholesome, Sprinkles has collaborated with Netflix and Fuller House to bring you an even “sprinklier” Sprinkles cupcake if such a thing were possible. Check it out on your next visit!

Photo: Melissa Trevathan-Minnis

Welcome to Austin, Sprinkles!