Make Your Own Spudnuts: The Doughnut Recipe of Days Gone By

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Of all the things that can bring joy to one’s heart, food ranks highly among a broad spectrum of readers. Doughnuts, you can wager, take a large share of the “sweets” category. Whether you’re a fan of a large Texas chain, or you’re getting epicure-ious yourself and trying to master the fine art of developing your own, this doughnut is about to turn everything you’ve learned on its head. Do you remember Spudnuts?

Spudnuts used to be the name of a highly successful American doughnut chain that was started by a pair of brothers in Salt Lake City, Utah. They generated a great appeal with their pastries that were made with a unique potato-based mixture of ingredients. As luck would have it, happens to have something of a similar nature. If you’re craving a part of your past (as many a North Texas reader can attest to), this Spudnut…’er, doughnut is the recipe you’ll want to laminate, lock in your recipe cabinet, and leave to your relatives. These things used to be sold door-to-door in the 1960s! Can you imagine having someone soliciting you to purchase a pastry as opposed to peddling the latest utility deal? It’s like a dream come true! Well, now you can make the very pastry yourself, and relive this delicious doughnut of days gone by.


Make Your Own Spudnuts: The Doughnut Recipe of Days Gone By

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Salt shares the full ingredient listing together with the cooking instructions for these delicious doughnuts. A spudnut is something you might try with a great cup of coffee, or produce for the entire family following a delicious Sunday dinner. It’s not, however, unheard of for people to hoard these doughnuts for themselves, considering their great taste and age-old appeal. “This is an old family favorite, handed down for years… the outside of the doughnut is crisp and the inside is light and chewy. This does make a HUGE batch, first timers may want to half it. These are worth the effort,” the recipe post stated. The site goes as far as posting the nutrition details for these doughnuts as well, identifying each serving as 86 calories in total. If it’s not enough that they’re tasty and they hold a special place in the hearts of those who fondly remember them, the fact that they won’t blow your daily caloric intake will definitely win you over!