A Squirrel Stole a Go-Pro and Recorded an Amazing Video

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YouTuber Viva Frei loves to record nature, particularly squirrels. A month ago, his video of a squirrel assisting in pulling his daughter’s tooth went viral. Now, another one of his uploads has reached viral status.

Squirrel take GoPro and gives best POV EVER!!!” has already reached over 1.7 million views a week after it was uploaded! The video was literally filmed by a curious animal that snatched up his camera and ran up a tree.

He has let animals like raccoons and squirrels take a look at his GoPro before, but no creature has taken his camera on a perfect POV ride through a normal activity. Like the caption of the video says, “Absolutely out of a video game, the squirrel takes us on a ride through the branches.”

In perhaps the best parts of the video, the creature’s cute little nose can be seen peeking over the top of the frame. Later on, the squirrel investigates the strange object and viewers can see a close-up of its small paws trying to figure out what they’re touching and whether or not it can be eaten.