Stapleton’s ‘Built Here’ Video a Moving Tribute to His Hometown

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“This is a place that builds character,” is what Chris Stapleton opens this vide with, posted by RAM on their YouTube channel. With nostalgia, RAM presented the video of Stapleton returning to his home town-something anyone who has moved away and “made good” often dreams of doing. Paintsville, Kentucky is where Stapleton’s roots began, and where he returned to for the making of this video. He performed 2 free concerts and worked with RAM to have an outdoor stage built and donate instruments to his school’s music department.

Entitled, ‘Built Here’, and recorded exclusively for RAM, videographer/producer Danny Clinch helps to build the basis on which Stapleton’s feelings and true emotion come through. Accompanied by his soulful singing and acoustic music, not to mention the exemplary harmonies from wife Morgane Stapleton, the video pays tribute to going home, lending a helping hand, and recognizing where you started out from.

Stapleton’s talent and voice come shining through in this video, as the scenery prompts the viewer to travel with him through small-town USA. And if you’ve ever dreamt of being able to give back to a small home town that gave so much to you, you’ll understand the meaning and feeling behind this project. Hats off to Stapleton, and to RAM, for working together and giving back where so much is often needed, but more often overlooked.