Starbucks is Concocting a Zombie-Themed Drink for Halloween

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“Our Halloween plans are still under [mummy] wraps, but we look forward to sharing more details with the living soon,” Starbucks told WFAA after they reached out about the coffee company’s plan for a Halloween-themed beverage in the same vein as the extremely popular Unicorn Frappuccino. A day later, WFAA wrote that the rumors of a Zombie Frap seem even more likely with reports coming in that the strange concoction will become available from October 26-31.

The news writes that the purplish-pink and greenish-yellow drink will most likely be “…créme Frappuccino-based and consist of green caramel apple powder, pink powder (we’re not sure what flavor, if any, the pink powder will have), pink whipped cream brains and a ‘pink mocha drizzle.’” This zombie-themed concoction speaks to those who are fans of the hypothesis that such things exist, fans of Starbucks products (frappuccinos especially), and Halloween in general!

The rumors about the Zombie Frappuccino began when people began leaking blurry photos of the advertisements through social media. There are not many pictures of what is rumored to be the final product, but there are several shots of billboard artwork that employees have created and adverts on Instagram. See if you’re tempted by the new sugary Starbucks “cocktail” of sorts, or if you’ll pass on the fad in the photos below.

I am going to buy this on the Oct 27 #zombie #zombiefrappuccino #wannatry

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Can hardly wait !!! It’s going to be creepy and AWESOME!!! October 26th!!! #zombiefrappuccino #tobeapartner #coldbarBANDITS #BRAINS @sbuxchalkart

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