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Start Prepping for the Great American Eclipse Next Month

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You’ve probably already heard about the Great American Eclipse taking place on August 21st. The celestial event, which hasn’t happened since 1918, will look like the sun is covered by a dark disc. It’s actually the sun casting the moon’s shadow onto Earth.

ABC 13 explains, “The path of totality, where the sun appears completely darkened by the moon for a few minutes, is only 70 miles wide, starting in Oregon and ending in South Carolina.” On the Tour of the Great American Eclipse of 2017 website, they state that Texans will see over 50% of a partial eclipse. Those in Laredo can expect to see a 53% partial eclipse for about three hours starting at 11:40 a.m. As one moves further north up the state closer to the path of totality, the partial eclipse increases. Texans in Dallas can see a 75.6% partial eclipse around the same time for three hours.

Since the Great American Eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime happening, you’ll want to plan on taking a look. You’ll basically be staring into the sun, so you’ll need proper eye protection. Sunglasses just aren’t going to cut it. Paper eclipse glasses can be found online and at stores like Lowe’s and REI. They need to have an ISO 12312 – 2 approved solar filter to provide enough protection.