7-Year-Old Finds Stash of Money From Bank Robbery

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Griffin Steele and his dad stopped for gas on their way to the Toys R Us in South Carolina. Seven-year-old Griffin joined his dad inside the convenience store to pick up a Gatorade, but while they were walking up to the door, a $20 bill caught Griffin’s eye.

While his dad was confirming the authenticity of the cash with the cashier, Griffin happened to look in a nearby trashcan. “There was tons of money with red dye on it,” he told WMBF News.

Fox 8 says that Griffin showed his dad the perplexing sight he found, and his father called 911. Police confirmed that the little boy had discovered money from a recent bank robbery in Horry County.

WBTW asked Griffin if he felt tempted to keep any of the money. As a recipient of an integrity and kindness award from his school, it didn’t seem like an option to the young boy. “There was a lot of it that didn’t have the red on it, but I wanted to do the right thing,” he said.

Griffin and his dad made it to Toys R Us after the authorities were alerted about the red cash.