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2018 State Fair of Texas Theme Announced: ‘Celebrating Texas Innovation’

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State Fair of Texas officials have announced the theme for this year’s fair will be “Celebrating Texas Innovation.” Making the announcement on Monday, February 19, 2018, the theme was identified with the intent of “…commemorating the significant Texans and Texas innovations that have helped influence our current way of life and looking forward to the state’s next era of pioneers.”

With this mission in mind, artwork that can be found in Fair Park this year will highlight innovations from Texas including agricultural advancements, space explorations, the integrated circuit, and the study of food exploration. “We aim to inspire future innovators by offering exhibits and activities that are both educational and entertaining,” said Mitchell Glieber, State Fair of Texas president.

2018 State Fair of Texas Theme Announced: ‘Celebrating Texas Innovation’

Photo: Facebook/State Fair of Texas

Held annually in Dallas at Fair Park, the State Fair of Texas has been happening since 1886, with the exception of certain periods of World War I and World War II. This year, the event will run from September 28 to October 21 and looks to be one of the most highly anticipated and well-regarded state fairs in America. Last year’s event welcomed more than 2 million attendees according to the fair’s website. Its theme was “Celebrating Texans,” and it generated an estimated $54.5 million in coupon sales for rides, food, and beverages noted as a second-best in the fair’s century-plus history.