Stately Titles from Estately? You Be the Judge

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Random state trivia can keep people busy for hours. But in 2015, Estately took trivia to a new level by posting a map identifying what “thing” each state had the most of. “I’ll take Pornography Pageviews for $1,000, Alex.” “Answer: What is Kansas?” Ding, ding, ding!

From practicing for sainthood (*cough* ok Tennessee) to starting a zoo (really Texas?), to practically having an express lane to prison (hint: starts with “L” and rhymes with “Ouisiana”), each state has something it’s known for (whether they like it or not).

Since its release, the data hasn’t been updated, and states such as South Carolina may be happy to be dethroned from its 2015 title (which we’re not giving away) but as a conversation starter, to say the least the map has some rather erroneous state “things” that make you simply want to scratch your head and say, “Huh?!”