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Statue of the Unknown Soldier Possibly Pushed Down in Park in Longview

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The Veterans Recognition Foundation built Veterans Park in Longview, Texas to serve as a thank you for the work of veterans in all branches of the military and as a reminder of their sacrifice. Unfortunately, something happened earlier this week in the park that has deeply upset many veterans and visitors.

The Longview News-Journal reports that the statue of the Unknown Solider has been destroyed. Air Force veteran David Applewhite posted a photo to Facebook saying, “One of the statues guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier monument has been pushed over by vandals at the Veterans Plaza in Longview! Was not young children who did this!”

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any news on who could have ruined the statue, nor if this was definitely an act of vandalism. Some are speculating that it could have been the result of a structural failure in a weak part of the sculpture.

Several Longview residents are expressing their anger on social media, calling for all kinds of punishments for the vandals. Others are just hoping to see the statue repaired as quickly as possible. The Veterans Plaza website has a “support” page where they accept donations to rebuild what was lost.