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Stay, Eat, Play in the Texas Hill Country: San Saba, More Than Just Pecans

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The town of San Saba is a place for big plans and high hopes. Nicknamed the “Pecan Capital of the World”, a weekend getaway in this Texas Hill Country town includes fine architecture, wine, steak (with all the great Texas sides), homemade cinnamon rolls, and fine boutique shopping. The town has a lot to offer, both classic and modern, and a glorious setting in which to explore it – along the San Saba River.

Stay in San Saba

Stay, Eat, Play in the Texas Hill Country: San Saba, More Than Just Pecans

Photo: Facebook/3C Heritage Craftsman

Recently renovated, the Dofflemyer Hotel in downtown San Saba sits directly across from a weathered mural on R.B. Bagley & Sons Pecan Company, saying “Buy Pecans Here.” It signifies the town’s history, its niche market, and its economic foundation, as well as Texas Hill Country heritage. Constructed in 1913 as a bank, the Dofflemyer Hotel restoration and opening took place in 2015, combining industrial design components with a rustic Hill Country flare. The original bank vaults still remain on the first floor, and the second floor features five rooms and a suite, all individually decorated.

Eat in San Saba

Stay, Eat, Play in the Texas Hill Country: San Saba, More Than Just Pecans

Photo: Facebook/Visit San Saba, Texas

We hope you brought your appetite, because Diggs Restaurant & Club not only features a great dining room, they also feature a mesquite-grilled sirloin steak that’s cooked to perfection. Served with a delicious baked potato, this meal is going to fill the void, and then some! If you’re looking for a great breakfast or just an evening top-off for dessert, Oliver and Co. has some fine coffee and some melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls you’ll think your grandmother made. And Alamo Pecan & Coffee serves up some brittle complete with the pecans that San Saba is famous for.

Play in San Saba

Stay, Eat, Play in the Texas Hill Country: San Saba, More Than Just Pecans

Photo: Facebook/Wedding Oak Winery

A visit to Wedding Oak Winery is in order when you visit San Saba, and it definitely won’t disappoint. Named after a tree – a 400-year-old oak tree sitting just outside of town to be exact – legend has it that the tree is a symbolic site for weddings, dating back to the times when Native American lived in the area. Committed to making wine only from Texas grapes, Wedding Oak uses grapes grown in their vineyards, coupled with other Hill Country and High Plains produce.

After enjoying a wine or simply a tasting, head on out to Harry’s Boots, where you’ll find fifteen thousand square feet of fine western apparel, a phenomenal collection of genuine leather boots, and an entire floor dedicated solely to hats. From here you can visit many of the great San Saba shops including boutiques, antiques, and gifts. And when you’re done shopping, stow your purchases and take a stroll through Risien Park. With 80 acres in which to roam, grills for public use, volleyball courts, as well as an old stone amphitheater, it connects to the San Saba River Nature Park, which provides visitors with 38 added acres of greenbelt adjacent to the San Saba River. Here you can cross over an old railroad trestle and end up in a lush grove of pecan trees – the very product the town was originally synonymous with. And to top it off, and the end of the day, you can head to the pool hall which is connected to Diggs Restaurant & Club, shoot a game, listen to some music, and toast to a great San Saba adventure in the Texas Hill Country over a couple of beers.