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STEM-Related Scholarships Granted to Students in North Texas

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A scholarship provided by the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF) together with Toyota is making life a little bit easier for 17-year-old David Thang. Thang grew up in a small town in Myanmar. Although he’s long wanted to become a doctor, he’s faced countless obstacles in his young life, including overcoming illiteracy, escaping a country under militaristic rule, and working to pay medical bills when his father was diagnosed with cancer only to lose him all too early. “After my father died, my desire to become a doctor grew even stronger because I want to prevent such a loss,” he explained. Now Thang is one of 22 Asian Pacific Islander American (APIA) students that were awarded scholarships to pursue their education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (otherwise known as STEM).

$110,000 in STEM-Related Scholarships Granted to Students in North Texas and Southern California

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Awarded to 11 APIA students in North Texas and 11 in Southern California, the $5,000 STEM scholarships are provided through a collaboration between Toyota and APIASF, which is a non-profit group devoted to providing scholarships to such students. Advocating strongly for Toyota’s employee resource group (the Toyota Asian American Society in Alliance, or TAASiA) and presiding as executive sponsor of the scholarship program, Tracey Doi, Toyota group vice president and chief financial officer stated, “I am very excited that Toyota continues to help talented students pursue their dreams. Toyota is a real champion of diversity and inclusion, and advocates for underserved communities. We’re so proud to recognize the academic excellence and perseverance of these scholars.”

$110,000 in STEM-Related Scholarships Granted to Students in North Texas and Southern California

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Now in its sixth year of scholarship funding,  Toyota has provided real-world experience through the offer of a paid internship to one of these scholarship recipients for the last three years. Says Karen Ideno, vice president of product, marketing, CSR, and communications at Toyota Financial Services, “This unique internship will empower a student with hands-on experience in the workplace. It will provide the scholar with the interpersonal skills necessary to succeed on the job, and gain valuable insights into his or her long-term career goals.”

$110,000 in STEM-Related Scholarships Granted to Students in North Texas and Southern California

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Over the life of the scholarship, the program has received more than 10,000 student applications. Majors considered for the award range from computer engineering to biochemistry and school selections from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). And where has Thang opted to attend? His plans will keep him right here in the Lone Star State, attending the University of Texas at Arlington.



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