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The Stolen Truck Full of Little Debbie Snacks Has Been Found

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If you’ve ever tried to give up sugar, you might eye a Little Debbie truck and allow your mind to fantasize about driving it directly to your house, but you certainly wouldn’t consider actually stealing the vehicle. Unfortunately, Food and Wine writes that this week, someone did take a Little Debbie salesperson’s truck from a parking lot in Arkansas.

Though some of the news headlines made it seem like whoever took the truck was after sweet snacks, it’s clear they were probably more interested in reselling the merchandise, the vehicle itself and the equipment (like the $300 dollies in the back of the truck.)

The truck’s owner wasn’t keen on all of the jokes people made about his situation. “People made a few comments and I really wasn’t too crazy about them,” he told KAIT8. “I guess they’re thinking it’s Little Debbie’s, it’s just Little Debbies. But hey, you’re talking $10,000, $15,000 worth of stuff and it’s mine. That’s my business. If I had lost that totally, yes I got insurance to cover all the stuff, but the down time I’m out, I’m out my working days, and the stores, they have to suffer because I don’t have the product to fill them up right.”

Though he didn’t laugh about the ordeal, the owner feels blessed to get his truck and most of the merchandise back (10 cases of food and one dolly was missing). Also, the two women who are suspects in the case have been taken into custody.