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Stonehenge II: A Modern Art Project Replicating an Ancient Site

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Did you know that you can visit Stonehenge in the Texas Hill Country? Stonehenge II in Ingram, Texas, boasts a replica of the famed rock structure in England. This art project ranks as one of the most visited sites in the Texas Hill Country. Why not make it a stop on your next journey?

What is It?

Aerial View of Stonehenge II

Photo: Facebook/Stonehenge II via Aaron Yates

Stonehenge II replicates the original Stonehenge in England. But, unlike the original monument, Stonehenge II’s creator made it in the name of art. Today, the Hill Country Arts Foundation maintains this site as a monument to the creativity of its builders on its land in Ingram, Texas. The structure measures 60 percent of the original width and 90 percent of the original height. And, instead of heavy stone blocks, each piece is carefully crafted from lightweight mesh wiring covered with plaster.

Who Built It?

Stonehenge II at Night

Photo: Facebook/Kerrville Convention & Visitors Bureau

More than 20 years ago, neighbors Al Shepperd and Doug Hill constructed the original Stonehenge II on Shepperd’s property, located near Hunt, Texas. He even added a pair of replicas of Easter Island statues. Because, why not? Sadly, Shepperd passed away, putting the artwork in jeopardy. The Hill Country Arts Foundation stepped in and moved the entire piece to the Foundation’s land on the Guadalupe River near Ingram, where it stands today.

What to Know Before You Go

Stonehenge II with Easter Island Statue in Front

Photo: Facebook/Stonehenge II

Before you visit, you need to know a few things. Though some have taken stunning pictures of the site after dark, the property closes to visitors at dusk. But, from dawn until dusk, the Hill Country Arts Foundation welcomes the public to explore the site for free. If you plan to go, call ahead to see if the area will be closed for a special event. Occasionally, people rent Stonehenge II for weddings or other gatherings. Luckily, Stonehenge II sits just an hour from San Antonio, so you don’t have to plan for an extra-long trek to reach it.