Store Every Piece of Your Kid’s Artwork With This New App

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You can only hang every piece of artwork on the fridge for so long before the magnets start migrating toward the floor from the weight of stacked construction paper. Kids make a lot of drawings and small creative projects, and it’s difficult to keep every single one unless you have some serious extra closet space. For those who want to declutter, there’s an app for that. Artkive can save each and every piece of art so you don’t need to feel guilty for letting a few pieces of paper drift into the recycling bin.

On their website, Artkive says that it’s easy to use the app to organize pieces by child and age. The Pioneer Woman blog, who featured the app in one of their articles, adds, “Each image has a ‘plaque’ attached to the bottom that shows which child created the artwork, what grade they are/were in, the date it was created, and a title.” From the app, the user can choose to share pieces to social media or keep things private.

Also, parents can use Artkive to order a keepsake book of their kid’s work, almost like a museum’s retrospective book of a famous artist! For those who are incredibly overwhelmed by the task of scanning or photographing each piece, they can send their child’s work to the Artkive Concierge who will professionally digitize each piece and create a hardcover portfolio book.