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Texas Storm Chasers Pass Away in a Wreck While Livestreaming a Storm to YouTube

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Fox 4 News reports that three storm chasers passed away in an awful wreck about 55 miles southeast of Lubbock, in Spur, Texas. Kelly Gene Williamson, 57, and Randall Delane Yarnall, 55, worked as storm chasers for The Weather Channel. While driving through a rainstorm around 3:30 p.m. on Monday, they collided with another vehicle driven by another storm chaser, 25-year-old Corbin Lee Jaeger, who worked for MadWx.

Williamson was livestreaming the storm during the accident, and the resulting video is still up on YouTube. It runs for about two and a half hours until it cuts out right as one can see their vehicle passing through the stop sign. It was a common, but fatal mistake that led to all of the enthusiastic storm chasers to lose their lives while doing their job.

AccueWeather.com Extreme Meteorologist Reed Timmer spoke about the devotion storm chasers have for their job. “The storm chaser community is a very unique, close-knit group of friends and family who are driven by a common passion for extreme weather. Their shared passion and experience for chasing tornadoes, and especially for warning people in their path, will be forever missed here in Tornado Alley and beyond,” he said.