Stormtrooper Stars in New Fort Worth Police Recruitment Video

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Last year, the Fort Worth Police Department tried a creative approach to their recruitment video. The short film shows none other than Darth Vader interviewing for a position on the police force (as seen on Fox News). Spoiler alert: Vader got the “don’t call us, we’ll call you” treatment after botching the interview.

Because their last ad was so successful, the FWPD decided to stick with the Star Wars theme for a brand new recruitment video released last week. This time, a stormtrooper is trying to impress an officer to join the force. ABC 13 sums up the clip by saying, “Just like in the movies, the stormtrooper was not a good shot. The police officer has to show him how it’s done.”

The police department is welcoming applications until December 16th, and “the next civil service exam dates are Jan.10-11, 2017,” according to Facebook. Those who are interested can start their mission online by completing the police trainee application on

The Facebook video featuring the stormtrooper already has over 16 million views, so it will be interesting to see how many people apply after realizing they’re far more disciplined and a better shot than the not-so-talented stormtrooper.