What Would George Strait Pick Over Having 10 More Hits?

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In an interview that originally aired on the Great American Country TV Network, George Strait was asked what he would choose over having 10 more hits. At that point in his career, he had earned more than 50 hit country music songs. At present, he stands at more than 60. The Poteet, Texas native gave an answer straight from the heart (no pun intended) when asked what he would pick over having 10 more hits back then. Our guess is he’d repeat his response if he were asked again.

In 2018, the San Antonio Rose Palace, which was the former host site for the George Strait Team Roping Classic, closed its doors. Up until that point, it had drawn fans of the singer and the sport to watch the event that he hosted with the help of his entire family. Plus, he even competed in the event! The event had a total prize purse of more than $600K. Competing all over the U.S., roping champions were known to clamor to join the George Strait Team Roping Classic lineup, and in the GACTV interview below, the singer discussed the difference between his experience in roping versus making an appearance on stage.

Video: YouTube/Luella.812

Shared on a YouTube channel featuring country music artist news and music, the video above features George Strait together with his son Bubba in a candid interview. His honesty when asked what he would pick over having 10 more hits isn’t hard to understand. His passion for the sport of roping comes shining through. According to the King of Country Music himself, he would pass up the opportunity for 10 more country music hits for the chance of winning his own roping championship. Despite the time which has passed since this interview took place, the new hits he’s earned, and the public notoriety he’s attained as a result, his passion for his family, lifestyle, and community has never dulled in comparison. The George Strait Team Roping Classic was the largest open event of its kind in the U.S. and was just one of many of the initiatives that Strait coordinated as an event that drew families together, competitors to Texas, and attention to something he loved. He’s known for giving back in oftentimes subtle and quiet ways, and this event was no exception.