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Strait Takes to Social Media With Words of Hope Amidst Harvey Chaos

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Sharing on Tuesday, August 29 that he and his team were working on relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey, George Strait took to Facebook with an ABC News post showing the grim status in Texas with the torrential rains that the storm dumped over parts of the Gulf Coast.

His comment read: “We are working on putting together relief efforts along with the whole country music community. Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected by the storm. My family was personally affected along with many friends in Houston and Rockport and surrounding areas. God bless us all. – GS”

Strait Takes to Social Media with Words of Hope Amidst Harvey Chaos

Photo: Facebook/Bloomberg

Many music, movie, and television industry stars have been moved to action with respect to fundraising efforts, relief efforts, and background support over the past few days where the onslaught of flooding in and around Houston is concerned, the damage that’s been done to Rockport, and the coming dirge of pouring rains that threaten Beaumont and on into the state of Louisiana. A second bout with what’s now considered a tropical storm will mean continued health and safety issues along the shores of both states, not to mention inland flooding, economic issues, and repercussions that won’t be tallied for some time to come.

Strait Takes to Social Media with Words of Hope Amidst Harvey Chaos

Photo: Facebook/Chris Elrod

Similar to Dolly Parton stepping up for wildfire relief when Tennessee was hard-done-by, fans will look to Strait’s announcement and familiar philanthropy as a beacon of sorts, leading a charge and knowing that with his team’s efforts, others will follow suit. And, fans themselves will also look to contribute to the forthcoming events or efforts that are announced when the time is right. In the meantime, they’ll keep contributing to places like the Red Cross, area charities and shelters, and remember that regardless of location and state, everyone is a neighbor and a friend in need. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those in Texas who are struggling with this natural disaster and trying to make heads or tails of it. God bless.