Mom Hears Stranger’s Voice Coming in Through Hacked Baby Monitor

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We hate spam too, we'll never share your email address posted a chilling story that should have every parent checking their baby monitor. In April 2014, a couple living in Cincinnati, Ohio tucked their 10-month-old baby into bed. Later, they heard a voice coming through the baby monitor. “Wake up, baby,” a male voice said. When they looked at the monitor (which also had a speaker attached), they saw that the camera was moving erratically. That’s when they knew they had fallen prey to a creepy hacker.

It’s unknown how often or for how long the hacker was watching their child and home without them knowing. Sadly, this isn’t the last time this disturbing act happened to a parent. Earlier this year, NBC News posted an article urging parents to make sure their monitor is safe.

“The department is recommending that parents make sure to buy a secure device, use a strong password and change it regularly, register the product and keep the software updated, and turn the device off when not in use,” NBC writes.

They also mention that several parents have woken up in the middle of the night to hear a stranger talking to their baby via the monitor, and investigations are underway in a few of the cases.