A Stray Cat Named Oreo Made Itself at Home at a Local Nursing Home

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When residents move into a nursing home facility, they often leave behind pets they miss dearly. Perhaps Oreo, a stray cat with a beautiful black and white coat, knew that people living at the St. Augustine Health Ministries in Cleveland, Ohio, would appreciate her presence. says the cat began showing up daily outside of the facility, and then, one day, she popped inside and behind the receptionist desk as if to state, “I’ll live and work here now, thanks.”

The staff of the nursing home see all of the benefits that Oreo has brought along. “[She] brings a lot of laughter, a lot of smiles and a lot of just normalcy,” Dana Carnes, the director of advancement, says in a video uploaded by

Even though Oreo was a stray, she’s very friendly and keen to receive pats on the head. She’s also very comfortable with her surroundings. She can be spotted manning the receptionist desk after regular business hours, warming up wheelchairs with her furry body and brightening up the days of the staff who also really value having a kitty cat around.

The sweet cat is also very tolerant of all walks of life. “Oreo was always kind enough to let my dogs enter the building to visit their mommy. She’s a great part of the team,” Mike Deneen wrote in a Facebook post.