Big Street Lamp Installations ‘Bloom’ in a Jerusalem Square

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The street lamps in Jerusalem’s Valero Square have billowing red petals surrounding them to create  interesting public art pieces. The work is titled “Warde,” and City Lab writes that it’s part of an effort to bring some lively beauty and a “hint of fantasy” to the area.

The pieces were made to be responsive and appear to bloom by inflating when sensing movement. Tel Aviv’s HQ Architects dreamt up the artwork, and as one can see in the video below, the result is captivating and seems to bring more visual excitement to the public square.

But according to some Facebook commenters, the flowers are no longer as magical as they were in the video. Shamar Matmon posted, “I live in Jerusalem and I can tell you they’re ugly as hell, covered in dust and slightly broken, and stopped ‘blooming’ about a week after they were built a few years ago. I don’t remember if they still light up.”

Like any piece of public art, the blooms will need maintenance, but a recently uploaded photo on Instagram shows that there is still an otherworldly and pretty quality to the installations. Perhaps more street lamps need some livening up with a bit of floral inspiration.