Student Invention Allows a Goldfish to ‘Drive’ its Own Tank

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Alex Kent uploaded his first and only video on his YouTube account, and the clip already has over 96,000 views. Apparently, if you figure out a way to allow a goldfish to “drive” its own aquarium across the room, people will take notice!

Laughing Squid explains that the on-the-move fish tank was designed by students at Carnegie Mellon University for the Build18 event. Build18 describes itself as a “annual freestyle tinkering festival” where students focus on a particular project they dream up as a team to complete in only one week. Originality is encouraged, and the mobile tank definitely evoked the students’ creative side.

In the video below, viewers can see how the Carnegie Mellon students used technology to track the fish’s speed and direction, from there, the tank outfitted with little wheels is allowed to move throughout the auditorium.

Though it’s up for debate whether or not the goldfish has any idea what’s going on, it’s fun to imagine that he’s aware of his new ability to “drive” himself so his tank seems endless.

If you’re curious about past Build18 student projects, check out their vault of ideas and inventions here.