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Texas High School Student Suspended Near Graduation for Having Long Hair

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A male student at Waller High School named Lezayvier Madison hasn’t cut his hair since his freshman year. He told ABC 13 that his hair has become a representation of all of the memories and life events he’s encountered through the past four years.

Unfortunately, only eight weeks prior to graduation, the Waller Independent School District wants Madison to chop off his dreadlocks that partially extend over his shoulder since their dress code says that men can’t have hair length that goes below the collar of a shirt.

“He’s been able to put his hair in a scrunchie or a head tie all this time, so why now, when there’s eight weeks left. They’re threatening that he cut his hair or he has to go to ISS, which is in-school suspension. And I really don’t think it’s fair,” Madison’s mother told the news.


Some think that it’s only logical that the school should stick to their dress code, but others don’t see the point so late in the year. Laura Mariana really took the district to task on Facebook. “Is your dress code so antiquated that young men can’t have long hair but young women can? How many of your graduating seniors know how a mortgage works? What about student loans? Seriously, get your priorities straight. There are more important issues in the world than hair,” she wrote on the Waller ISD Facebook page.