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Cedar Park Students Make Prosthetic Hands as Donations

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It wasn’t very long ago when 5th-grade students didn’t even have computers in their classrooms, now, the students at Summit Christian Academy in Cedar Park are using 3-D printers to make prosthetic hands. KXAN reports that the older engineering students step in once the parts are printed to build the hands.

As of now, they’ve given one completed hand to fellow student Paris Varnier who’s grateful for the chance to relearn simple tasks to make them easier for her in the future. The students plan to assemble more as donations to other community members in need.

The news writes that the cost of a hand is not an issue. “The basic hands Summit Christian Academy is printing cost the school about $100 dollars per hand, which comes out of their curriculum budget.”

If you’re wondering how a 3-D prosthetic hand measures up to a myoelectric prosthetic device, 3dprint.com reported that a man using a $42K device actually preferred a hand that was 3-D printed for around $50. They write that he found the printed hand functioned better, and although the material was easier to break, it’s easy to print out a new part to replace any wear or tear.