New Study Claims that Hot Baths Can Burn as Many Calories as a Walk

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A new study from researchers at Britain’s Loughborough University published in a journal called “Temperature” suggests that a warm bath can be beneficial for someone trying to lose weight. Aside from the commonly known positive side effects of a bath like muscle relaxation and anxiety relief, taking a warm bath can actually burn quite a few calories. For some, it’s as much as they would burn off while taking a 30-minute walk!

In the study, available on Taylor & Francis Online, the researchers acknowledged that prescribing an increase in physical activity alone to those who are overweight can be demoralizing when one has certain medical conditions, but taking a warm bath is something nearly everyone can do.

Their article says that through their findings, “there is evidence to suggest that thermal therapy may replicate some of the health benefits of EX (exercise) and alleviate some of the comorbidities often associated with chronic diseases such as T2DM (type 2 diabetes).” ABC 13 adds, “The hot baths were also shown to reduce chronic inflammation and reduced blood sugar spikes after meals.”

Since the study was only conducted on 14 males, it will need to go through further testing. But the benefits of taking a warm bath already seem to outweigh refraining from one, so do yourself a favor and grab a book, run a bath, and relax.