Stuff Your Holiday Turkey Like a Pro [WATCH]

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Tony Maples Photography


It’s funny the number of times we find the need to stuff. We stuff things into drawers willing them to close, into overhead bins on airplanes to avoid checking luggage, and ourselves into rideshares to stay safe. Kids are notorious for stuffing things up their noses. And we’ve all probably tried to stuff ourselves into jeans that once fit perfectly but now have mysteriously grown too small. We stuff stockings at Christmas, our stomachs at restaurants, and then that one time for prom, we can now admit, we even stuffed our brassiere.

As Thanksgiving Day quickly approaches, our minds turn once more to stuffing but this time as the obligatory accompaniment for our roasted-to-golden-perfection turkey. It’s not exactly known when the first person decided to stuff their main course, but stuffing has been around for a long time. According to Wikipedia, the first documented stuffing recipe came from a Roman cookbook which contains much of the same ingredients as we use today — vegetables, herbs, spices, and nuts, and some not so common ingredients like brains, liver, and other organ meat.

Want to make your stuffing a hit at your holiday table? Then check out the video from celebrity chef and all around DIY guru Martha Stewart for tips that will have you stuffing a like a pro in no time.

Video by MarthaStewart, November 2013.