KCBD Leads ‘Rescue’ For Stuffed Baby Hippo Toy Lost at the Airport

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Early Monday afternoon, the Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport (LBB) posted a photo of a small stuffed smiling hippo peeking out from underneath a blanket onto Facebook. “Can you help me find my way home? #LBBHippoRescue” the photo reads. KCBD News Channel 11 picked up the post and shared it to their Facebook page, as well. And now, the hunt for the lost hippo’s family is on.

Many commenters on KCBD seem to have refused the sense of joy and wonder of finding the child toy’s home. “Slow day at KCBD,” Zach Frost wrote. “Media reached a new low today. Mind blowing,” Mackenzie Holcomb stated. But tales of heartwarming reunions between lost stuffed animals in airports and the children who cherish them do exist, and simple acts like #LBBHippoRescue can result in something special.

For example, a couple of years ago, a six-year-old was reunited with his stuffed friend Hobbes when officials at the Tampa International Airport located the little tiger after the child’s parents called, desperately looking for the toy. The staff took photos of Hobbes throughout the airport to create a story for Hobbes while he was away. See the adorable photos here on Mashable.

Others are very hopeful that the hippo will find its original owner, but they’re also willing to take over custody if needed. “I’ll adopt if you can’t find the owner,” Sylvia Juarez wrote on LBB’s Facebook.