These Shipping Container Homes Have Impressively Stylish Interiors

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If typical tiny homes aren’t your style, how about living in a shipping container? It may not sound glamorous, but you’ll forget all of your preconceived notions about living small when you see how stylish and roomy these live-in shipping containers can be.

Montana-based company Montainer wants their homes to be affordable for anyone who wants to purchase a house. Their pricing starts at $55,000 and includes all of the permitting needed to “install” your abode.

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Montainer CEO Patrick Collins told Tech Insider that, “The tiny house movement is really about doing it yourself and being off-grid — trying to do things as cheaply as possible. Our customer…they basically don’t have to do anything.”

Customers can also look forward to customizations as Montainer can stack the containers to create a larger space and provide various sizes and shapes. All of the units are made in Montana.

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One digital rendering shows a window, insulation, shelving and even French patio doors! These are thoughtful and beautiful homes that will hopefully provide people with a perfect amount of space that will fit their needs financially and practically.

Visit Montainer’s website to check out floorplans, features and installation photos.

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