The Suffers Bring Attention to the City of Houston at a Poignant Moment

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In a feel-good ad put on by VisitHoustonTexas on their YouTube channel, The Suffers, a Texas gulf-coast soul band based in Houston, sing the soundtrack to what looks like a good day in the city. Ultimately, the song itself is in fact titled “Good Day” and can be found on iTunes as well as well as on the band’s website (link provided here).

While reading recent Houston news articles online, we came across this video playing in support of Houston tourism on the side panel of the news website. The song was so catching, and the singing so upbeat and on-point, we looked up the band to see what their other works consist of.

The band formed in 2011 and consists of Kam Franklin on lead vocals, Adam Castaneda on bass, Jon Durbin on trumpet, Kevin Bernier playing guitar, Jose Luna in percussion, Michael Razo on trombone, Nick Zamora on drums, and Patrick Kelly on the keyboard. Their music is defined as Gulf Coast Soul – a term they coined as a mixture of the various musical styles derived from the different cultures around the Gulf coast as well as city of Houston. These include Mexican, African American, Cajun, and Caucasian. According to Wikimedia, the band notes that their largest influence has been their environment and all of the music that can entail, including Caribbean styles, blues, soul, country, Cajun styles, as well as hip-hop, to name a few. Considering the hand that Houston was recently dealt in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, it was poignant that this ad by VisitHoustonTexas would play and feature this band on a current news site. The love that Texans have for Houston and its residents is apparent in everything that’s being done for it as well as surrounding areas, but this song, in particular, can show you the brighter side of a city that’s presently struggling.