Sugar Land Man Searches for Owner of Lost Military Ring

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On December 2nd, Bruce Hardin posted a few photos to Facebook showing a ring he found in a road in Sugar Land, TX. The military ring says “United States Marine” around a large red stone. One side depicts the battle of Iwo Jima where the Marines took over in World War II, and the other side of the ring has an engraving of Tun Tavern which is known as the birthplace of the Marines.

Unfortunately, Hardin noted that there are no markings on the ring that could lead him to find the owner. That hasn’t stopped him from trying, though. After he posted the ring to Facebook, he contacted ABC 13 to help spread the word. “Somebody fought for our country and I feel like they should get it back. It’s just the right thing to do,” he told the news.

The ring is similar to the one found here from Jostens. The company says they make the rings to “represent pride in the work you do, and the country you serve, as well as your personal sense of accomplishment.” If you know the owner or if you dropped your military ring in the area, call the Eyewitness Newsroom at (713) 663-4600.