Summer Dude Ranch Employment – The Dream Job for Horse Lovers

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With summer soon coming up, the possibility of working on a dude or guest ranch as student help over the next few months is looking like an appealing seasonal job placement – especially for those who have hands-on experience with horses. If the thought of working in a store or shop over the season isn’t your bag, and you’d rather be helping to ensure both animals and people are getting along cohesively, this may be the type of job you need.

Never let it be said that working on a dude or guest ranch has a boring, day-in-day-out routine. Truth be told, there’s never a dull moment. As a horse person, you might be interested to know that applying to be a wrangler on-site often has some perks – like the ability to bring a horse (or horses) along for the ride. That’s right – some ranch properties allow their staff to stable their horses on-the-job, which will give you and your horse a change of scenery, and allow you to maintain their care.

Summer Dude Ranch Employment – If You Love Horses, This Might be Your Dream Job

Photo: Facebook/RanchSeeker

A quick online search under “wrangler jobs in Texas” produces a number of immediate openings and job postings throughout the Lone Star State for guest and dude ranches looking for help. Jobs on horseback can’t be a bad thing when you already have the experience and love of these animals. Many well-known properties and even some smaller personal ranches post online these days, making the application process that much easier. So, if this sounds like something you’re after, take a chance – you just never know where in Texas it might lead you!