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Experience the Joy of a Summer Vacation of Camping in Texas

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Although it often seems a lot more work than it’s worth, the true enjoyment in camping can often come from the memories you make with and for your family as you pile into the truck, van, or car, towing a camper or packing a family-sized tent, and trying to figure out where the dog fits in the whole mix. Truth be told, camping can conjure up summer vacation moments like the time your oldest was asked to help reel in the awning and got dowsed with last night’s downpour. Or the time the youngest first tried a roasted marshmallow, which resulted in everything but that delicious camping treat becoming stuck on their face, fingers, and hair! It’s making memories, and there are tons of great places in Texas to help you do just that.

Experience the Joy in a Summer Vacation of Camping in Texas

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With more than 100 parks as well as historic sites which are managed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, families can take their pick of amazing summertime activities to go along with simply parking the camper or pitching the tent. From fishing to hiking, birdwatching to biking, tubing, swimming, and even sand-sledding – there’s so much to see and do in the Lone Star State. Try your hand at horseback riding, Dutch-oven cooking, or the simple pleasures of snoozing in a hammock or teaching your little ones the finer points of stone-skipping.

Experience the Joy in a Summer Vacation of Camping in Texas

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And while you’re looking forward to sleeping under the stars, knowing full well it’s the ultimate way to unwind, you may have a family member or two that don’t exactly want to “rough it.” The good news is, they don’t have to! Many of our state parks have comfortable, as well as air-conditioned cabins, sites with full-hookups, and facilities with hot showers and even kitchenettes. For more information about the Texas state park system, visit and start planning your summer vacation camping in the Lone Star State. There are plenty of downloadable maps and PDFs for in-depth details on parking, rates, activities, and special events. And for reservations at a particular park, you can check out each individual park link or call their direct lines. Get the kids or grandkids out to experience the joy of a summer vacation of camping in Texas, and make the most of your family time together!