CMT’s ‘Sun Records’ Star & Texas Native, Cait Pool, is One to Keep an Eye On

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“Sun Records” is an eight-part original series on CMT which distills the story of the Sun Records label, Million Dollar Quartet, and the early years of the pioneers of rock’n’roll: Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Loosely based on the true story, it is set during the turbulent times of the civil rights movement. The most notable performer is Chad Micheal Murray from “One Tree Hill” who plays the rock ‘n’ roll visionary Sam Philip. The legendary Philip guides the musicians and blazes a trail of racial equality advocacy while breaking music industry barriers.

Courtesy of Cait PoolPhoto courtesy of Cait Pool

Playing opposite Jerry Lee Lewis character (Christian Lees), Peggy (Cait Pool) hails from East Texas and landed a supporting role within the series. Although she isn’t the only native Texan, she is definitely a rising star to watch. Instagram followers are also watching the real life relationship that has blossomed between Lees and Pool as seen here.

Cait Pool

Courtesy of Cait Pool

Pool’s newest upcoming project is titled “Christmas on the Coast” which will feature Julie Ann Emory (“The Preacher”) and Burgess Jenkins(“Remember the Titans”). Cait Pool plays five out of the eight shows in the “Sun Records” series. From the early age of five, Cait was on stage, and by 16, she had landed her first major role on “Halt and Catch Fire.” Her preferred characters include breaking barriers by portraying strong women. Acting, according to Pool, “creates creative expression versus just performing.”

Cait Pool as Peggy SutterCait Pool as Peggy Sutter. Photo courtesy of Cait Pool.

After inquiring about the dynamic of the set of “Sun Records,” she replied that “Roland Joffé brings art to life on the set.” The young woman behind the role, Cait is passionate about acting, the roles she chooses, her current work, upcoming projects, and her career. And although her character, Peggy, was scripted to be sweet, innocent, and less edgy, Cait adds her own distinctive interpretation and exemplifies the strong character she adores.

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