Sunny Sweeney: Thanksgiving in the Texas Hill Country

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Sunny Sweeney Thanksgiving in the Texas Hill Country

By Spring Sault

Admirers of music in general often look to it for support in times of great emotion, and the running joke for those that don’t often listen to country music specifically is that it’s geared only towards those that have ‘lost their wife, truck, dog,’ and not necessarily in that order. The true measure of a good country song and artist, however, can be in how the listener relates on a deeper level in many different frames of mind.

Sunny Sweeney Thanksgiving in the Texas Hill Country


Sunny Sweeney, Houston-born and Longview-raised singer/songwriter and now Texas Hill Country resident (Austin-based), has found the key that unlocks that enigmatic bond between the listener’s heart and mind. Her second album (Concrete, released in 2011), which won accolades, shaped stage appearances, spawned many hit singles as well as tour opportunities supporting bigger names in the industry, came at a time when personal turmoil truly tested the artist. But with a perseverance that speaks to the same resiliency that the state she is proud to call home itself embodies, Sunny employed the situation and time in her life to inspire her third release entitled Provoked (circulated August, 2014.)

Sunny Sweeney Thanksgiving in the Texas Hill Country


With such an uncompromised spirit in writing, coupled with an equal passion for delivery, Sunny has captured the essence of many a heartfelt moment for her fans and future followers. Continuing to pursue this passion and embark on better days ahead (she credits her life experiences and her new husband for her contentment, fittingly referring to him as her “best friend and soul mate” on her official website), Texas Hill Country caught up with the songstress on being thankful, spending Thanksgiving with family, and being at home for the holiday in an interview below:

Sunny Sweeney Thanksgiving in the Texas Hill Country


THC: As a strong Texas woman, who’s been through a lot, what is it that you are most thankful for this year that differs from past years?

SS: I am thankful for my family, first and foremost. Most of them have bought houses in and around Austin, so this year, I will be able to see most of them for the holidays.

THC: Where will you be spending Thanksgiving, and will you be with family?

SS: We will be in Wimberley on Thanksgiving Day with my mom and step-dad, and Horseshoe Bay with my dad and step-mother on Friday (Nov. 27th). My siblings and my nieces and nephews will all be there.

THC: Considering the hectic lifestyle that you as a singer/songwriter can lead, is there anything in particular that you look to for relaxing and finding some down-time?

SS: I always consider ‘being at home’ relaxing. It’s the one place I always work towards getting back to. I love being on the road, but I love being at home too. I have been practicing piano lately (as well), so I’m sure I will be doing some of that on this break.

THC: During a holiday such as this, when food and family are the main event, do you have a go-to meal (traditional or otherwise) and type of atmosphere that you like for entertaining in your home?

SS: We have a huge family, so we always all just bring one dish and everyone contributes so that one person doesn’t have to do all the cooking. My oldest sister is a fantastic cook, however, so I always look forward to seeing what she brings. My favorite thing of hers is a cinnamon and walnut brie cheese in a croissant that she makes. It’s perfection!

THC: What do you feel is unique about a Thanksgiving spent in Texas?

SS: I have only spent one Thanksgiving away from Texas, and that was when I was in New York city at the Macy’s (Thanksgiving) Day PARADE. I know we had always grown up watching that on TV, so for the chance to be there in person was pretty cool. However, all my other Thanksgivings have either been in east Texas, where I grew up, or in the Hill Country. On being in Texas for my holidays: It’s my first choice, it’s my second choice, and it’s my only choice. I just love all my family being here and getting to eat everyone’s home cooking!