5 Ways to Step Up Your Sunrise, Sunset Game

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There is something extraordinary about Texas Hill Country sunrises and sunsets; they are as enchanting as they are magnetizing. Sometimes, it can be difficult to capture what the eye beholds. With the spring season upon us, it is the perfect time step up your photography skills like a pro! Whether you have a manual camera or point and shoot, these helpful hints are sure to help capture the magic of the Texas Hill Country.

Brandee Brantly

Brandee’ Brantly

1. Composition

The composition of a photograph is how all of the elements of the photograph combine cohesively. Photography is a moment captured in time. The intricate details of the photo should build the picture for the audience that is unable to experience it first hand. One of the main elements of composition that is needed for stunning sunrise/sunset photos is clouds. Take note: partly cloudy skies make for the most amazing sunrises. Swirls, cloud formations, and patterns really make for distinctive photography. Also, water reflection is a beautiful element to sunrise and sunset photography.

Brandee' Brantly

Brandee’ Brantly

2. Framing

Framing a picture is the framework to build composition. It draws attention to the subject of your image by blocking parts of the image to something in the scenery. There are also several ways to achieve this. One of the most interesting ways is to intrigue the viewer of what is not in the shot. Leave the audience wanting to see more. Giving the picture context such as natural archways (trees) to convey interest. Photos that visually show depth are eye catching. Breaking your photos up into thirds also helps frame the shot. The sun need not always be centered.

Brandee' Brantly

Brandee’ Brantly

3. Vantage Point

Vantage point and angles are very important to how the photograph is interpreted through the camera lens. Sometimes, unexpectedly, the angle near the ground can make for the most beautiful sunrise and sunset shots. Don’t be afraid to try various heights and especially don’t be afraid to get low to the ground, carefully. You will want to always remain very aware of your surroundings, watching out for animals, snakes, and the occasional cactus plant.

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