One Super Bowl Commercial Will Leave a Lasting Impression on Texans

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Tony Maples Photography


Super Bowl LII is almost upon us, and so are the inevitably funny, well-thought-out, and expensive commercials that will accompany it. They’re practically a draw in and of themselves. Although several of them have already been previewed by fans on YouTube links, the commercial at the heart of this article wasn’t designed to be humorous but will leave a lasting impression on Texans, emotionally.

Budweiser, long known for Super Bowl ads with impact, did an early release of their commercial, and although many fans may be expecting their iconic Clydesdale horses and copious scenes of golden, delicious beer, their focus took a different turn. It centered around water. Highlighting the disaster relief efforts that Budweiser took in the aftermath of last year’s swath of hurricanes, the ad shows employees canning clean water. Many of our Texas readers will recall the company’s delivery programs that circulated this badly needed staple in a number of cities, including Houston. They also focused aid on Puerto Rico, Florida, and California.

Available on the Budweiser YouTube channel, the commercial is a touching example of what corporate America has the potential to do – have a heart. Although time has passed, the catastrophic results of disasters such as Hurricane Harvey on the state of Texas, and Houston in particular, remain a sensitive subject. The ad is accompanied by Skylar Grey’s version of the Ben E. King classic “Stand By Me” – rather fitting in terms of footage and an excellent selection considering the nature of the ad. The bright side to all of this is that this rendition is available for digital download, and with each purchase of Grey’s single, the money will go directly toward a disaster relief fund, in order that work such as this can be improved upon. To learn more about their efforts, you can visit Budweiser’s program link provided here.