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Super Bowl LII MVP Co-Owns This Texas Restaurant: Feeling Hungry?

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Super Bowl LII MVP and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles truly has a love of good food. He grew up in and around Austin, which boasts a number of great foodie fan options, and he is also the co-owner of ATX Cocina, a modern Mexican restaurant with great food and excellent appeal.

Foles was a Westlake High School graduate who, in 2006, took his team to the Division I title game. He’s also the son of Larry Foles – known for his greatness as a restauranteur and also an owner of ATX Cocina. He, along with Guy Villavaso (a business partner and co-founder of Eddie V’s Restaurants, Inc.), opened Eddie V’s, Roaring Fork, Z’Tejas, Hopdoddy, Red Ash, and their most current endeavor, ATX Cocina.

Super Bowl LII MVP Co-Owns This Texas Restaurant: Feeling Hungry?

Photo: Facebook/ATX Cocina

There’s much more to the story of Nick Foles’ ownership and involvement in the restaurant, including a New Jersey/Philadelphia connection that saw Kevin Taylor become the chef at ATX Cocina, but the real story is that football greatness can also have other interests – some of which we share! His success in the restaurant business hasn’t been a given, however. He’s had to work hard to get where he is as a football player, and his plan afterward, according to a 2010 interview with the Oklahoman, was to work hard in the restaurant industry as well. “I remember when I was little, he’d come home late and I’d smell the catfish on his shirt. (Getting into the business) is something I want to do after football,” he explained.

Super Bowl LII MVP Co-Owns This Texas Restaurant: Feeling Hungry?

Photo: Facebook/Carina Lynch Humphrey

ATX Cocina was closed on the day of Super Bowl LII, in honor of Foles playing in the big game. Both Roaring Fork locations were doing a buy-one-entree-get-one-free special for Sunday’s dinner on February 4, and, in addition to their regular menu, the Salty Sow did a four-course chef’s tasting menu for $20 each. Although a number of Super Bowl specials were available in Austin during the match-up between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots, the really big deal was that a player and restauranteur from Texas made it to the ‘ship.