San Antonio School Closes to ‘Super Clean’ After Flu Outbreak

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This year’s flu outbreak has been particularly bad. With hospitals overflowing with patients and several deaths due to complications from the flu, it has been a scary flu season. As News 4 San Antonio writes, “Right now we’re in the middle of one of the worst flu season in recent memory.”

The flu outbreak has even led one San Antonio area school to completely shut down for a day to clean its campus. KENS 5 says that the San Antonio Christian School decided to lock up on Friday, January 12, to “super clean” their campus before kids return to classes on Tuesday (since Monday is the Martin Luther King holiday.)

On Facebook, the San Antonio Christian School wrote, “In a proactive effort to minimize further exposure in our school, we will be closing the campus for four days to launch a Super Clean of each classroom. All surfaces will be wiped down and germicidal bombs will be released throughout the campus. Catching this epidemic early and breaking the cycle of exposure is vital to minimizing the spread of the virus to more families.” Overall, the comments from parents are praising the school’s decision to put the safety of the children and staff first.