Researchers Grow Super Healthy Seaweed Strain That Tastes Like Bacon

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“OSU researchers discover the unicorn – seaweed that tastes like bacon!” Oregon State University website excitedly declared their headline concerning their amazing research. They patented a strain of red algae that has double the nutritional value of kale. “Dulse (Palmaria sp.) grows in the wild along the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines. It is harvested and usually sold for up to $90 a pound in dried form as a cooking ingredient or nutritional supplement,” they write. And to top it off, they say their strain tastes like bacon when it’s cooked.

If this sounds up your alley, try not to get too excited just yet. Back in 2015, wrote that OSU hasn’t fully figured out how to commercialize the product. The news pointed out that if consumers could find red algae for sale in America, it shouldn’t be mistaken for the strain OSU is working with. But, now Business Insider says that two Portland restaurants are selling the famous red algae strain –  Headwaters at the Heathman and Imperial Restaurant. They also add that the seaweed is readily available in Northern Europe, and the writer of the article tried some in Ireland. Though it isn’t the exact strain from OSU, it’s similar enough to determine that it’s rather tasty!