Super Salads to Serve at Your Memorial Day Barbecue This Year

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Observing Memorial Day with a backyard barbecue with friends and family has long been a tradition of many Americans. Here in Texas, we like to spice it up a little (considering we’re the unofficial kings of barbecue and all). So we’ve decided to focus not so much on the mains, which we’re already considerable experts at (not to blow our own horns or anything…), but more so on the sides, such as salad. Many people believe salad to be boring. Those people are wrong! There are so many ways to make a super side (translation: so delicious!) salad, that we found it hard to pare down the list. However, here are three to serve at your upcoming Memorial Day barbecue that will leave your family and friends taking sides…home.

1. Mesa Grill’s Southwestern Potato Salad

Super Salads to Serve at Your Memorial Day Barbecue

Photo: Facebook/The Breakfast Club-Ordinary People Who Love Extraordinary Food

Mesa Grill’s Southwestern Potato Salad recipe is all you would hope for in this all-time favorite of American sides. Their potato salad, featuring mayo and Dijon mustard, fresh cilantro, and lime juice makes the perfect complement to your steak, burgers, and dogs.

2. Rainbow Macaroni Salad, Real Housemoms

Super Salads to Serve at Your Memorial Day Barbecue

Photo: Facebook/Real Housemoms

This amazing macaroni salad recipe from Real Housemoms is easy to put together, with minimal prep time. It’s the comfort food that everyone at your Memorial Day barbecue will love. Your friends and family will flock to this dish, not only because of its wonderful color, but also its true deliciousness!

3. Rachel Ray’s Black Bean and Corn Salad

Super Salads to Serve at Your Memorial Day Barbecue

Photo: Facebook/Cathy Stewart Couch

A super take on a Texas barbecue standard, Rachel Ray’s Black Bean and Corn Salad will have you wishing you had made double! Filled with great (not to mention healthy, but don’t tell your family that) ingredients, it also has a little zing to it, with a splash of hot sauce that will pair nicely with your grilled food fare. Go ahead, top that off with some steak and perhaps a cold beer, and you’ve got a winner of a dinner.